An unexpected delay – reprise

On Friday I took the opportunity to do some work to the door to get it ready for the upcoming rain that I knew was heading our way. I created the door out of regular plywood and SYP, so I new if I didn’t treat it the door would warp in a hurry.

I took a slightly different approach and used caulk to get into all the little nooks and crannies. This gave the added benefit of smoothing down some transitions, and filling the gaps in the grooves at the ends of the boards. I know this might present a problem down the road, but I’ll keep an eye on it for the time being. Once I let all the caulk dry, I scraped down the excess and applied two coats of primer to the entire door. Once that was dry, I applied two coats of what I found to be the original trim paint color from when the house was remodeled. Doesn’t match the siding the way I expected it to (when I thought it was the siding color), but it complements it nicely. I only painted the exterior here. I found a couple of spots where I need to touch up, but I’ll take care of that after the hurricane passes. That’s why the primer is there, too.

I added a third hinge and a handle to make it look a little more professional. I’ll be adding some weatherstripping in the fall to keep the somewhat-conditioned air down here from getting out. I will also add a couple layers of rigid foam insulation to the back of the door. The combined effort should really help in the winter keep the house a bit warmer.

At some point I will have to replace the frame in the opening, as it is slowly disintegrating. This will be a simple direct replacement.


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