An unexpected delay

It’s Wednesday, and I had expected to be gluing up the last parts of the second half of the top today. That won’t be happening, because for the third straight day I don’t think I’ll be working on it. Monday was an extended work day, and today is going to be cleanup from what I had to do on Tuesday.

Tuesday was supposed to be a regular day, with hopefully some shop time on the bench after I mowed the lawn. Unfortunately, I never got the shop time I intended. Shop time, yes, intended, no. As I was pulling the lawnmower out of the crawlspace, the door to it fell apart in my hands. I made a replacement door some time back, but it was a real crap effort. My design was flawed from the beginning, and being cheap and trying to use materials on hand didn’t work either. I had planned on replacing the door after the bench was complete, alongside new shop doors. Yesterday’s event moved up the timetable significantly.

I made an emergency trip to Lowe’s to obtain plywood siding, one that’s beaded to fake siding. $30 later, and adventurous ride home, and it was up against the house awaiting my design. I chose a frame and panel, rail and stile approach with 2x4s being the frame. I had plenty on hand from the pile not chosen for the bench so I selected four boards and was immediately dismayed about how much they had warped. Some time with the jointer, planer and table saw, and they were ready to have a groove put in them. I attempted to use my new mortiser, but I still apparently need to tweak my setup as it was tedious and I was getting burning and stalling. Switching tacks, the table saw and a dado were used to speedily put a groove in. Unfortunately I couldn’t do a stopped groove, so it shows at the corners. I attempted to join the frame together with pocket holes, but they tore easily out of the soft wood. Strike a point for traditional joinery methods I suppose. They held together enough where I could put the newly cut panel in them and use some glue for primary construction. I cut the panel so that the sections would be even and lined up in the frame. I used the hinges and latch from the old door. On the to-do list is to caulk the inside of the frame and fill the visible grooves, prime and paint to match the house. Not an outstanding effort, but not bad for something I had to make on the fly in the middle of a 90º day. Some weatherstripping will be added to keep most of the bugs out.


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