An Unexpected Result

I had a post pretty much completely done. All I was doing out in the shop was getting to a point where I could get a picture taken for a featured image. Then, it happened.

I had spent a couple hours moving some little things around, making tweaks, not changing the layout. I found a spot for my monitor, that was taking the place of my TV. I had swapped the FireTV Stick for the Roku HD that was in the bedroom, and also brought out the bluetooth speaker to pair up with it. I had it all hooked up and was watching Paul Sellers while I was getting right to the point of working on the LEGO cabinet.

I saw a familiar power lead. It went to the TV.

I said to myself, no, I couldn’t have mixed up which power supply went to the TV that would now not turn on. I saw a spark, so I know it’s dead. But this power supply looks really familiar. Let’s see if this was the actual one I needed to plug in.

Spoiler alert – the TV isn’t dead.

The new TV for the master bedroom isn’t going away, it’s an upgrade I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time. It’s a birthday gift to myself. So, the monitor and the TV could stay in the shop, but that also meant I should probably move where I had put the monitor. OK.

I made some big changes to the doors, and it’s still a work in progress. I removed the saw blades, I never liked sharp objects being stored on the doors. I moved the hooks on one door over to the other, and lower. This allowed me to once again use it to store the miter gauge – it worked where it was for the old saw, but not for the Incra. Now it works perfectly. I also moved the 1900 Festool rail back to the door. I need to use this most often outside, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to go all the way to the back wall for it.

It’s this sort of thing I had in mind – how to make things easier during processes. Having everything I would need for the table saw during a cut at the ready. Not having to move things back and forth so much if I need to get at something (if possible). The only thing I really need to figure out is what to do with the saw blades. I also wish to remove the fire extinguisher from the door as well, but need to find a home for that as well.

What doesn’t work on the door is anything that plugs in. The supercharger does not work, even though I thought it might. Certainly some room to improve. I’ll see if I can get it all sorted out over the next couple of days.

I spent late Wednesday sorting out where the TV and monitor would go, and decided to buy a couple of cheap TV mounts to make things easier. At $10 a piece, it was an easy decision. I decided above the door would be the safest place for them. They tilt up to 12° and pan 35° so I was able to get the TV in a spot where it wouldn’t have so much glare. The monitor and the Chromebox are a luxury at this point, but are nice. It does mean the next post could come from the shop, once it gets cleaned up.

I’m going to take my lunch break today in the shop getting the battery charger and wiring hopefully a bit more sorted out. It looks a mess, but is pretty safe.



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