Appreciating the finer things

As I get older I see my interests and vices change. Right now I’m pretty big on what I like to call ‘life upgrades.’ I’ve rearranged some storage and cleaned a few minor things up, because living in a clean house is a huge life upgrade. I spent quite awhile the other day learning the dark art of fitted sheet folding, and it was time well spent: our linen closet is as organized as it has ever been. I also just got finished organizing my son’s dresser, even though I know I’ll have to do it again in a few days. In the next day or so another closet will be tackled, and on it will go. One major project on the woodworking side is the master closet.

Life upgrades can also mean making yourself feel good. I’ve done this over the last few weeks by finally getting a couple new pair of shoes, and some new clothes. I never buy clothes, so it was a real treat. If I buy much more though, the closet remodel will have to be moved up.

Something I’ve gotten into recently again is the watch game. I used to wear watches all the time, but hadn’t recently. I decided that it was an accessory that I should devote more interest to and found some inexpensive options. Fossil recently opened an outlet store near me and I’ve spent a lot of time there. My first anniversary was celebrated by my wife buying me a Fossil, and I found myself really liking their recent styles. The ones from even a few years ago look fairly amateur to the new stuff. With 50% off pricing, I found myself buying quite a few. In fact, I have enough now where other options by them seem derivative of what I already have.

I don’t have a lot of room left for additional watches, so I have to be a bit more selective in what I buy. Now I’m looking for brands that would be considered a bit more upmarket, or at least a bit better respected. I have my eye on a couple of Seiko automatics that will just about bring my collection to a close. At that point I will have to start swapping models out, because I can’t wear them all. I even had to get a new watch case to hold them.

I’ll also be upgrading bedroom furniture, storage and lots of other things. I think it’s important to identify areas where you can make small improvements that have a positive impact on your life. A messy home or room will do nothing to improve your outlook after a rough day at work. A clean house can. A place for everything certainly can.

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