As time goes by

I’ve only visited the shop a couple times in the last two weeks, so there’s not much to report on. Purchased a new blade for my cordless saw, hoping to see if that improves the performance any. The 100T plywood blade I’ve had on it absolutely sucks. A foot into whatever, and it stalls. If this doesn’t improve it, I may have to junk it. Being 18V doesn’t help, but it should be able to make it through plywood. It used to before, before this blade was on it. I’m hoping that it was the cause.

Cabinet project is still waiting for all the stars to align. I’ve been making some smaller purchases, needed purchases. I bought a new set of HSS drill bits on clearance from Lowe’s, and a countersink/taper bit set from Rockler (link at bottom). I’m also in need of a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, but I’m hoping I won’t need either of those ever, but at least until the third paycheck hits in May. As for the cabinet project, I’d like to have enough spare funds to purchase all the plywood at once so I can make repetitive cuts so everything comes out equal, and line up a day or two of nice weather to take off of work and bang it out.

There are two other projects I’d really like to tackle this year concerning the shop. One is a Holzapffel bench so I can start doing a bit more handwork. The bench I made for rough carpentry work is fine, but I need something that’s heavy enough to put a hole in the world. Longer, as well. The other project that will most likely take precedence is new entry doors for the shop. I’ll discuss that in the next blog entry, as it’s in-depth and requires lots of thought.

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