That’s really the only way to described what happened yesterday and today. I’m still waiting on family members to get home.

As you can imagine I have barely even looked in the shop. I attempted to put together the air compressor box on Sunday, but I discovered just how bad my plate joiner was. The TS55REQ did wonderfully cutting the MDF down. It was a shame I didn’t even think about the measurements and bought a sheet of MDF that wasn’t anywhere close to being the right size. I am still going to put it together as a proof of concept, because otherwise I’ve completely wasted money.

The dust collection is very good now, because I discovered the 1.5″-2″ rubber connector I have fits the Bosch hose and separator components exactly. This wasn’t a major piece of the dust collection to figure out, but it is a key factor. I can now go forward with plans to supplement with the Domino and sanders in the future. Now what I need to figure out is the main dust collection, and how to easily switch between tools.

Weather for this weekend looks great temperature-wise, but with rain. Sounds like a cleanup and moving weekend, getting the front corner clear to test out the air compressor box. I’ll just butt joint and screw it together.

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