Away for too long

‘I only ever really wanted a break’


Georgia isn’t very well known for it’s winter weather, not like Siberia or Canada is. However, it’s all relative. It’s not been a winter of particularly cold weather, but it’s been pervasive. Wind like I can’t remember. With a shop like mine, that doesn’t give a lot of motivation to do anything, so I really haven’t. The only project I’ve taken on is a loft bed for my son, which turned out great. I’ll detail that in a subsequent post, which I promise won’t take another 70-something days. I’ve also started on a project for my church, signs for all the preschool rooms. Nothing really special here, I’ll have a small post on this when they are all done and mounted up.

The next bit I’ll have to share is the progress of the shop, which has taken an unexpected turn. I spent the winter agonizing over my miter saw and general layout, and had an epiphany and everything changed within the span of a couple hours on Friday.

Normal service resumes…

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