Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. Now Georgia cold is different than Minnesota cold. Minnesota, highs in the negative digits aren’t all that uncommon. Here, a high that doesn’t get out of the 30s is pretty dang cold. I think our high today was 36, but it barely made it above freezing all day. That’s why I am extremely thankful for my two heaters I had running for several hours. The shop temp when I first went out was 30, matching the outside temp. When I was done the temp was in the lower 50s.

Now, I wonder how thankful I will be when I get the electric bill. That’s why in the spring the entire subfloor is going to get insulated. I can’t imagine there is any under there right now. If there is, I don’t understand why it gets so cold. Here’s hoping the insulation and a new window will make it a bit more tolerable next winder. I also have to find a solution for the power cords running under the door and keeping it partially open. I’m going to do some fine-tuning to the doors and put a rubber gasket around the edge and a spot for the cords to exit.

This time last year I never would have even considered going out on a day like this. Very thankful.

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