Back in the shop

The snow is almost all melted by now, and the shop was no worse for wear from the experience. I was able to pop in the shop for an hour or so Friday to get myself back into the habit. I did a bit of clean up, and I mounted the third rail of hand tool storage up on the wall to make it look a bit nicer. This also gives me the opportunity to see just how big I’ll need to make the cabinet. Still unsure of what I’ll put on that third row.


Saturday I also decided to do something with the big #7 jointer I have as well. I built a modular cabinet with angled shelves for the planes I had at the time. The #7 was just too big to fit. Since it was modular, however, I was easily able to modify the cabinet for my new need. I removed both shelves and the top shelf supports. I took the back edge of the lower shelf off and put the lower shelf back in. This gave me just enough room for the #7, although I need to finesse the angle a bit. I’ll have to go back and inset more magnets to make sure everything is secure, plus finally add dividers. I was thinking about adding the top shelf back in a modified form, but I think I’ll use it as a small crosscut sled instead. Don’t know what I’ll do with the extra space in the cabinet yet. Since I am considering putting it under the workbench, I will wait to see if that is a reality.

The Domino arrived Saturday morning and I immediately put it to work on the air compressor cabinet. I need a bit of practice with it as the edges didn’t exactly line up. My initial impressions will be posted later, but it was very easy to use and get the cabinet all set up.

Unfortunately when I cleared out the corner that it was going it I discovered that it was an inch too wide. Thus, an unplanned remodel took place. I moved the old sander cabinet out and put the flip-top cart in its place. The fit is very tight. I moved the stuff along the back wall around a bit to compensate. I also moved the lathe in the same corner to the other wall to help corral the sheet goods. It’s still an in-progress thing. I hope this arrangement will be very temporary until the new storage gets built. Now that the Domino is here the only thing holding me back is time and money. Both should free up in a couple of weeks when new software at work is deployed and everyone is comfortable.

I was hoping to do more Saturday, but I noticed I was getting very tired as the day wore on: I was coming down with something. I got out there Sunday for a few pictures of the unfortunate mess. With the rain today I don’t know if I’ll try to go out and get stuff straightened out, but the pull of the shop might just be too much. Hope I don’t get any tissues on my sawdust.




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