Back to the shop

Thanks to some reprieves in school and work, I found a bit of time to get out in the workshop on Thursday afternoon. It was really great to actually spend some time out there, weeks after I last set foot in it.

The first thing I noticed is that, unfortunately, my NiCd batteries are finally giving up the ghost. I got maybe an hour of radio use out of one, before I had to swap it out. Four or five years is a pretty good run though. Perhaps I’ll find another great deal this Christmas and I’ll finally replace them.

I fleshed out a shop idea in Sketchup that I mostly implemented this afternoon. It mostly revolves around moving the jointer under the wall rack, and the vac up in the air – hanging on a hook from a joist. I was hoping this would have a very positive effect, but I can already see this isn’t going to work. The big issue is just how big the vac is. It is a great vac, and has served me well. I just don’t think it’s going to be a long term solution. I’m not sure where else to put it and gain room. I think it’s time for me to revisit the whole idea of dust collection and examine just what is going on.

Anyway, I got out there today to clean up and get ready for the one Christmas gift I have to take care of, martial arts belt holder. I’ll be doing something simple, and I can detail it on the site hopefully. The intended targets don’t read my site.

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