Back Wall Progress

So, I continue to recover from the latest unexpected layout revamp. I mentioned that the router cubby made for a perfect spot to store some reference materials, however there were those slots cut for the bits to safely sit below the plate surface. I quickly and easily (and accurately!) cut hardboard on the MFT to 8.5″ x 9.5″ and was able to give a solid base for magazines, books and DVDs to sit. Obviously, this is only a temporary solution. I honestly don’t know how much material I want to keep out in the shop, or how much wall space I have to dedicate to it. For now, until the tool cabinet gets built and I need that particular bit of real estate, it stays. But that’s as much work gets put into it.

With the MFT now put closer to the workbench where it will stay, I need to work around where the rail flips up for wall  storage. Some of that got put up today, some more will go up in the next few days. There are some things like the Woodpecker 1281 mount that is showing the effects of moving around too much. I’d like to see if I can figure out more permanent locations for everything with this round.

I am concurrently designing and writing about the tool cabinet. I think I’m nearly at the end of the design phase. Figuring out how wide it needed to be and how everything would fit was a real challenge. I’ve got the big planes taken care of, now it’s time to find room for everything else, including the chisels. I believe those are going on the inside of a door. I should be able to fit an entire row within the inside dimensions of the door, if I use half-inch material. The screwdrivers and a few other like tools can go on the inside of the other door. What’s left is finding spots for the smaller planes I want to store, plus measuring and marking tools.

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