Bandsaw woes

As I stated in my Surprises thread I had some issues resawing issues with my bunk bed repair. When I did this before, it was on the stock HF blade without the riser. Now with the Powermatic riser (and included blade) it was an awful experience. I believe part of the issue was the TPI (6) on it, plus the fact that the gullets were almost nonexistent.I also had way too much drift on the blade.

So, I need to fix one, two…possibly three things about the saw. First thing is I need to get some quality blades, the first being a resaw blade. I am exploring several vendors for this, but first I need to do some research on what I need in that type of blade. At the same time, I will get a general purpose blade for all my other tasks.

Second is that I need to address the tension mechanism to try and eliminate wandering when I cut. Using my homemade fence isn’t possible right now with the lack of tension.

Third is I think I’m going to purchase the Kreg fence. I like the fence I made but I need to reduce the footprint and increase the accuracy.

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