Bedtime stories

The last few weeks or so, my last thoughts before I go to bed are how to improve on the shop layout. It is becoming a near obsession. The other night I skimmed through every single magazine I own to find ideas. I am constantly Google Image Searching for ideas from planer stands to lathe stands to how I could possibly work a true dust collector in there. I would say that this bothers me, but it doesn’t really. I search for that revelation, that eureka. I have found a few good ideas so far, but it is very hard for me to see everything coming together. There always seems to be some hiccup that the one tool won’t fit, or that it won’t work out as well as I would hope. My big problem is that everything I have needs to occupy that 34″-38″ height range. I also don’t have the luxury of an auxiliary entrance that would come with a bigger shop.

I am trying very hard to stay within the confines of my current footprint. Adding a room for a DC and the compressor would be ideal, however I don’t know if it is legal. My inquiries haven’t been concrete in the affirmative. So what I have is what I have. I have come up with some potential space-savers that I can share:

  • [*] an old friend – the dust separator planer cart. Deleting the can and putting the sandpaper and containers elsewhere would free up nearly 12 cubic feet.
  • [*] if I go with a DC, it could possibly be modified to serve as the table saw cart as well. Very interesting idea.
  • [*] the TS table could be sandwiched between things at the right front corner, such as the vac and separator.
  • [*] MS and router could potentially use the same space. Too hard to explain here.

I continue to deal with frustrations such as room and how to run any dust collection so I’m not tripping over it. Also, the wasted space like the table saw stand and the fence adjustment on the jointer. The drill press stand being too tall to clear the jointer cart is up there too. I’m spending some quality time today with Sketchup, so perhaps I can come up with some ideas.

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