Bench Shavings – 01/25/18

Today, by complete coincidence, is one calendar month past Christmas. (Well, yesterday; it takes me awhile to write these days) It’s also basically one calendar month since I’ve been in the shop for more than two minutes. It’s been less on purpose than just a matter of circumstance. Very cold weather, weekend activities, and other things have pretty much kept me indoors since I finished up my Christmas gifts.

One of which is a flag case I made for my in-laws after my FIL passed in December. It didn’t turn out 100% great, but such is my skill set at this point. I did make a couple of jigs to get me through the project, and they helped out so much that I will make new ones and pay a bit more attention to detail this time. I also made a very simple necklace holder for my wife.

Since then, it’s been all quiet. I didn’t even get a roof installed, for some reason. The roofing company took too long on the house, and flaked out. Guess I’ll need to start shopping around to get it done. I haven’t even cleaned up from the flag and jewelry projects.

There are things on the horizon, though. I have yet another stage build to do, which I will be starting on probably late February or early March. This time, it should be fairly simple and rudimentary. I still have my son’s side table build, which I will have to sort out if I can do with a warped jointer fence. I am also finally seriously going to do an entertainment center, but in a different plan than before. The reason being is that we want to move, and this needs to fit into the new home when we find the one we want.

I also need to sort out a couple things in the shop, primary of which is a MFT sysport so I can easily get into the attic. If after that we haven’t made plans to move, I’ll work on redesigning the miter station wall to better fit the space and be more portable to whatever new shop awaits.

It’s really hard to concentrate lately to make a coherent post. I’m wondering if I have ADD, because I’m noticing a lack of concentration in other aspects of my life as well. Some of it may also be I’m trying to write this on my desktop and not my usual laptop. I hope to have a couple more detailed posts soon, and hopefully with more content and more cohesion.


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