Bench Shavings – 05/28/16

It’s beginning to be a thing where I can only get out to the shop on the weekends. My boss is out for several weeks, so I get to shoulder a bigger load at work – even though I’m not supposed to. Perhaps I can get some early morning work in, because after about 80° I don’t care to be out there. That happened today around 2pm, and it wasn’t pleasant. I’m referring to inside the shop.

When I started on the drawer fronts last week, I envisioned them turning out extremely well. When they started not looking so great a little while later, thanks to gaps at the corners of the edging, I just about threw them away. I’m thankful I didn’t though, because I decided to step back and go about things in a slightly different way.

I have a hard time getting things lined up on 45° cuts. Particularly at the right length. So I decided to follow through to the conclusion with some wood putty. If it turned out like crap, I could always start over. So I picked some up this morning and assembled four of the five needed drawer fronts. I glued the edge banding on, filled the gaps, and did some sanding. It didn’t turn out so bad after all. The fifth will be done after, with the proper height calculated.

Once they were ready to go, I used double stick tape and mounted the bottom drawer front. I used it to line the rest up, and the end result is one I can be happy with. I’ll get the last front made sometime in the next few days, with any luck. I’ll have to decide if I want to cut out access holes for the drawer pull screws, or just buy longer ones. I attached them with the only screws I had that would be the right depth, pocket screws with a column head. I’ll replace them later.

Finishing this post up on Sunday, it’s entirely too hot and muggy to go out to the shop. Thus, if possible, I’ll head out there before work a little bit during the week. We’ll see how that goes, though.

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