Bench Shavings – 10/16/16

I’m surprised I haven’t written anything all week. I’ve been posting regularly to Instagram, so check it out if you haven’t already. I’ve been in the shop most days this week, but only for a very short time. I went to the doctor on Monday and discovered I have Achilles tendinitis. And actually by now it is mostly resolved. I did pick up a nasty head cold on the same day, and it has been impacting me all week. I’m hoping that this week is the one where I’ll get back to normal physical activities

I’ve gotten a few things done this week, and they will be in no particular order. I had exactly a half sheet of 1/2″ ply left over from making drawers for the LEGOrganization project, so I used that to make a couple longer systainer drawers ahead of ordering the slides. I used the table saw to cut a 28″ piece, then cut it down to 15.75″ pieces. This gave me two bottoms, and the rest was cut down into 2″ strips for the fronts and sides. Construction of the drawers was done exactly the same as the previous drawers, but I did add more screws for support. Because the two sets of screw holes I placed are so close to the front, with the weight of a double-length drawer I will need to put in additional screws towards the back, or they have a tendency to tilt back.

The first two drawers to get this treatment were the bottom left, which has the TS55, and had the air tool systainer behind it. This is the one that really tilts back and needs more support on the back of the drawer slide. That is on the to-do list today. I’ll also order 3 or 4 of these longer slides this week. The other drawer to get swapped out was the one with the Domino tenons. I had these directly stacked on top of each other, but with the deeper drawer I can store them in series. This gives me room for an entirely additional drawer in the first column.

That’s the main thing that was taken care of this week, and it was done yesterday. Most of this week was getting used to the new storage and figuring things out. I temporarily installed the drawer that was in the old chaos wall in the new storage, but I don’t particularly like it. It is holding my respirators and filters, but need to find a new solution. I am enjoying using the shop with the new layout, even though I haven’t done a lot of work. I think today I will put together the last two drawers for the LEGOrganization cabinet, and we’ll see what else happens. I’ll have a couple posts this week about this week, and the next few months what my plans are.

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