Bench Shavings – 10/27/17

In Memoriam – Steven Michael Leonard – 1948-2017

My wife lost her dad last weekend. It wasn’t something completely unexpected with his health issues, but it was a sudden turn for the worse and it happened rather quickly. He was a good man, and we had a good relationship. I will have to do something in his memory soon, and I have something in mind. It will be something I put quite a bit of thought and love into, and will work to minimize my mistakes on as much as humanly possible. I’ll have something on that project after it is done.

All I can do for my wife, kids, and mother-in-law right now is be there for them, and that has included some little things around her house. I replaced a couple outlet boxes and outlets in the kitchen right before it was tiled. I replaced another outlet in a hallway. I also replaced a light sensor, and tidied up the fit of an overhead light. Just little things off lists, things I’m very happy to help out with regardless, but even more so now.

As for the shop, it isn’t so much of old shop and new shop anymore, but the shop. I am completely up and running as a functional workspace, and it is mostly about getting the last little things out of the old space so that we can do something with it and the other construction debris. A rack of hammers and Kreg face clamps, some mallets, some odds and ends in a wall cabinet, and a few other miscellaneous things and we’re all set. The scrap wood is going upstairs as well, but not until I get attic stairs in place. I don’t feel like carting hardwood up a ladder multiple times.

It’s scheduled to rain tomorrow, which means I tried to take some precautions today for what is now the worst leak source – the doors. I installed a PVC trim board above the doors as the first part of the planned trim. I installed with construction adhesive and 18ga 1″ nails. I also used caulk on the upper edge to try and keep too much water from getting behind it. I also bought a smaller piece, that I put a 1/8″ kerf in the bottom with the table saw. I then cut the parallel sides to that kerf at 15 degrees to make a parallelogram. I installed this on top of the original trim piece to serve as a drip cap, in exactly the same manner. The theory is that any water that comes down the side of the building will hit the top of the wide trim, and come over the front of it and hit this drip cap. It will then come over the front of that and dribble down to the point I created with the angled rip cut. Any water that doesn’t want to drip off at the lowest point will be intercepted about 3/8″ back with that kerf cut I made. If I did my adhesive and caulking correctly, no water should run down the side of the building and wick back into the doorway now. I will of course evaluate that statement with tomorrow’s rainfall. I will also have pictures on the next post.

I bought a rubber work floor mat, designed to alleviate pain, to put under my air compressor to dull vibrations a bit. I also bought a swivel connector for the drain hole so I didn’t have to prop it up higher to clear the straight fitting. These two things took my compressor from the loudest thing on the planet to something a bit more manageable. I think I can quiet it down even further by adding insulation and a cover to the ceiling, which may get started this weekend. I also need to put attic stairs in to close that massive hole in the ceiling.

The insulation should also help close up the gap between the exterior sides and the roof, at least until I can actually close it up with trim of some sort. The ceiling insulation will help close it up, and the roof insulation will do that too. Lowes has a sale on the latter that I may go after a bit early to save some cash on. The real big expense coming up is the roof, but there’s no avoiding that. I’ll be making a list soon of every single thing there is left to do to call this project complete, plus some upgrades and such I hope to make with tools and etc. Look for that perhaps as soon as this weekend.

It’s been a long week, that’s all I have for today. Hopefully I can be around and in good health to share more tomorrow. That’s all anyone can ask for, because nothing in this life is a given. Every day is a blessing.

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