Bench Shavings – 10/30/16

Some different things to share today, with no real theme.

Yesterday I took some tools on the road to finish a small project. A few weeks ago we helped a friend convert a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet. Nothing very involved, no built-in or anything. Some wall-mounted rod hangers top and bottom along three walls. Then we helped her move everything in. She let me know this week she was ready to put the shelves in along the top and I came over to get those in.

I had no idea what to expect, so I brought the TS55, Domino and Tenon’s with me to cut the shelves down, and potentially join them together. Also brought some glue, PPE, my trusty square, 12v driver and a sanding block. I was expecting painted pine but instead they were particle board. Not a big deal, but a bit more chipout than I would have liked. In retrospect I should have thrown in some blue tape just in case. That will be on the list in the future. Everything fit nice and neat in the three systainers, even though like I said two were superfluous. The boards went in just fine. I had estimated 30 minutes but it took an hour. Still, not too bad.

Yesterday was also nice because it was the first day in over a month where I was without pain. Between my foot and my face, it has been a long and trying month. Monday will be my return to my walking activity as well. It will be nice to add that back in, as it does wonders for my sleep. Yesterday did a tire and tube swap on my son’s bike, so it was a productive day outside the shop.

Inside the shop, it’s been a good week. I was able to make that new drill press table, and I’m looking to improve it with some storage. That should be a good use for more scrap. I’ve got the shop pretty well cleaned up as well, including making four more shelves for my new cabinet. I’ve got more storage right now than I need, and I think I’ve found a use for another old cabinet. I need to order the longer drawer slides today, so that when my new sander gets here it has a home.

On the agenda today may not be a lot of shop time. I need to fix my primary vehicle, which involves a starter swap. Hopefully. You never truly know with cars, sometimes you can chase problems for awhile. This could take an hour, or it could take four. I also may need to go buy a breaker bar to get the starter bolts loose.

Finally, I have some extended time off coming up in November. I never take time off, but I need a break from work. What I do isn’t hard work by any means, but it does take away time from other things and you do occasionally need breaks to keep yourself fresh. This will be the first time in almost eight years I have had two straight weeks off. Basically, since I started my new career.

Depending on how the car repair goes I may or may not have new content today.

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