Bench Shavings – 10/3/16

A good Monday evening to you. A small update, so I thought I’d bring this series back.

I got to spend about an hour or so in the shop this afternoon and was able to accomplish a few things on the to-do list. I started out by getting the air compressor to its new home, which involved rotating the jointer base 90° so it could pull out how I want. It may be difficult to get to in normal practice, so I may have to explore leaving it switched on and using the plug. This would also mean extending the drain, not a huge deal. Getting it into position was likely harder. The end of the jointer bed barely fits under the MFT fence, so that’s a relief. Got a little bit of room on the floor I could use on a temporary basis.

The MFT did have to move over a couple inches to fit the jointer, so I had to swap the bin that was under it with the old hardware cabinet. Temporary, as that is being dealt with in the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ll get another Fastenal box soon and all those plastic ones can be tossed.

I didn’t get any scrap culled to this point, but I did get some sorting done. One potential use of the scrap may be to fill in the counter top. Might be a decent use, or I just toss. I have so much and I never use it.

That’s about it for today, but a little bit each day will get me there soon enough. The next few days might be getting the scrap all out and deciding what can come back in. It will also involve deciding storage needs for the new front corner unit. All that scrap could go to drawers, temporary or otherwise…

Today’s progress pic is also on Instagram, so give a follow there.

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