Bench Shavings – 11/18/17

Sometimes I find Instagram the best way to share something, but then sometimes I don’t have a picture to go along with it. Sometimes I want to share something that really isn’t long enough for a post, and I hate Twitter. Sometimes, the thoughts stew around long enough to combine, and then they become Bench Shavings.

I didn’t get out to the shop much during the week, so Friday afternoon and Saturday were crucial to getting back on track. I set my attention to the left side of the dust collection leg first. I repeated everything I did in the attic that I did before, and again hooked it up to the 45 degree jog just below the ceiling. This time though, it was harder because the attic was already in place. I taped here, and on the entire run on both sides.

The rest was uneventful.

Not pictured is the transition to a flex 2.5″ hose that connects to either the bandsaw, drill press, or for general cleanup on this side. With that, dust collection is complete. Here is the right side all taped up and neat.

Then I started working more on the attic insulation. I didn’t want to totally complete this until the roof was complete, due to a couple of very small leaks, but I did want to get it right up to that point. Nothing exciting here, just exacerbating my elbow bursitis with the hammer stapler. I’m probably about 75% done with the insulation at this point.

So, at this point this is the remaining to-do list for the shop:

  • finish roof insulation
  • have roof shingled
  • insulate attic walls and create at least one “wall”
  • remaining exterior panels and trim
  • exterior paint

There’s also the possibility of trimming out the ceiling and ladder, plus of course bringing over the remaining items out of the old shop and finding them homes. It’s November 18, and that small list contains all that’s left? That’s outstanding. I’m happy. I think I’ve also picked a paint color, too.

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