Bench Shavings – 11/10/16

I’ve not been of a right mind to write lately. I just haven’t felt up to it. I’m physically fine, but I’ve been worried about the world. I’m only doing so well each day.

I ordered three 28″ drawer slides for use in the new systainer cabinet. I swapped out the short ones I put on the long drawers. Now I can fully extend the bottom left drawer which holds my TS55 and air tools. The drawer above that is the Domino tenon systainers. Next to that is the drawer with the DTS and new Pro5 sander. Yeah, I ordered and received one of those, I guess I have more articles to write than I thought.

I then could use the now free shorter slides to make a couple changes. I have both routers in this cabinet now, and the space below the router in the table is empty. I’m not sure if this situation will remain, but I’m giving it a shot. They may go back to the router table if I pick up some undermount slides.

I’ve done a few other small things, like mount the last remaining bit of the chaos wall back on the wall to serve as light storage. Here, again, is something I’m simply trying out. An experiment.

This is a pretty crappy post I fully admit. It is going to take me a bit to get back into a flow, and get back into a proper mindset. I’ll get some pictures for next time as well.

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