Bench Shavings – 11/13/16

I don’t normally post two of these things so close together, but there’s so many little things to share. I’m back in a writing mood, so no time is better than now.

Outside the shop, there was a request from my kids to help them out on something. They have an old plastic tiny playground that they have long since outgrown. However, this year it got turned into a Halloween decoration. That led to the idea of then turning it into a gingerbread house. That meant they needed a roof put on it, so I tried to do it as cheaply as possible. It will last the season, but not much more. Although that will depend if we ever gen rain again.

I took a handful of 2x4s and cut them to various sizes. Half of interior of the playground has a bench/seat inside, so the legs of this are of different sizes. I cut the ends of the legs at around 36 or 37 degrees, with the woof supports butting up against the legs and themselves at the same angle. Then I cut a sheet of ply down into the two halves of the roof, and did a rip bevel at the same angle. The legs need to be braced together, but it came out pretty well for a short project. The biggest hurdle was getting the roof braces just the right length to fit within the playground. Might even use some of the leftover ply to do a gable end. At least I know the angle and measurements for it.

I’ve been making some tweaks to the inside of the shop as I drive toward what might be an ultimate representation of my layout. I know I’ve said similar things before, but who knows. The systainer cabinet seems like the real deal. There’s not a whole lot I can do and work around that. Anyway, I’m testing with the last bit of the remaining chaos wall on the wall as light storage. I really need some way to store my MFT stops and knobs, and this might work. Also, it restores my respirator drawer, and gives me a little area to put my radio and speaker. I can’t say it will be permanent, but it works for now and gets something out of my way and serves a purpose at the same time.

That is really the big thing, I’ve been tweaking and adjusting things along the way. The F-clamp rack moved down to below this cabinet, but if I want another shelf on the other side of the miter saw it would have to move again. That LR32 rail is now on the wall behind the MFT rail. Little tweaks, like I said.

Like I said on the last Bench Shavings, I got the double-depth drawer slides installed in the systainer cabinet, and here are a couple pictures of where things are.

Yeah, that blue systainer again. Perhaps I’ll get around to that next week.

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