Bench Shavings – 1/1/17

A new year, but more of the same from the shop. This weekend was pretty good, and I got farther along the path to getting the shop in tip top shape. I also got a small project done that will make life much nicer in a certain aspect.

I got the drill press moved to the back wall this weekend, and Sunday was mostly spent picking up and reorganizing the back wall to accommodate.  I moved the parallel clamps over Saturday, and today was all about moving some other stuff around to compliment.

This is what it looked like the other day.

This is what it looked like heading out the door tonight.

The clamps are shifted left, the holy rail went from vertical to horizontal behind the longer clamps, and now I’m in the process of filling in where I can. I have a good bit of space between the workbench and MFT I can use as well.

You’ll notice the big grinder sitting on the MFT, I will have to find a new home for it. It was on the lathe stand, but putting the Centipede bench there made me have to move it. The small grinder took it’s place because it has a smaller footprint. There is also a bunch of scrap I need to cull, and that thing sitting in front of the drill is the wall cabinet in the first picture. I don’t think I’ll have room for it going forward.

The workbench needs to be cleared still, and I made a small step toward that by using a piece of plywood on a small project that was requested. We have a very full spice cabinet, as you can see.

It’s one of the crappy cabinets in our kitchen, very bare bones with no adjustable shelves. Even the fixed shelf is off-kilter. I had been looking at retail solutions to sort the spices, and had settled on one called the Spicy Shelf. It is a U-shaped plastic unit that provides multilevel storage for the spices. It had mixed reviews though, with most of the negatives talking about it being flimsy. I thought to myself it wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate, and I could use some scrap ply. Worst case, I just waste some ply that I was going to throw away anyway.

So I measured how wide it needed to be, 2.5″, and the measurements of the cabinet – 17.25″ wide, 11″ deep. I ripped a couple pieces on the table saw, and cut to length at the miter saw. Then I used the Kreg jig to get attachment to each other and to the walls of the cabinet. It isn’t perfect, but is an absolute massive improvement to usability. Better yet it was completely free and only took about thirty minutes or so, perhaps a bit more factoring in cleaning the cabinet as best I could. I can’t wait to make our own cabinets though.

So it was a good weekend, and a good start to 2017. One of my goals for 2017 is to get out to the shop a bit more regularly. I don’t think I will be able to get out there each day, but I’d like to put myself in that position that I could. I have goals for personal health, finance, and woodworking, and I hope you continue to join me on my journey.

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