Bench Shavings – 11/18/16

My last week of vacation is pretty much at a close. I don’t know what my expectations were going in, but I suppose I am a bit more mentally refreshed. I didn’t really have expectations for being in the shop, but I’d say I’ve gotten enough in without taxing myself.

I really didn’t do that much this week outside of adding a bit to the gingerbread house project. I cut triangular gable ends, and added support between the legs on each side. It could do with a bit more bracing, but it should be fine. Just something simple for them to decorate, I have no idea how long it will actually last without breaking down.

I didn’t spend a lot of time cleaning up from this, so my weekend plans are to get that done primarily. Also, I told my son that we would get started on his side table, so we might go shopping for material. I have a rough idea of what we’d like to do, but nothing set in stone. I also don’t have a great idea of the amount of material I will actually need. Four 2″ square legs at about 20″ long, plus the aprons, and however I’m going to use the top. Plus the surprise?

I’ll be trying to nail down a few things in the shop over the next few weeks. One would be the right side of the miter saw. I need to sort out how everything will be stored, so that I could then finally put the top on and have support on both sides of the saw. The thing that irritates me at the moment is accessing the air compressor, so that’s why it is up for adjustment. I know about what I want to do, but would need to verify that it would work.

Two would be making a bit more storage for minor things. Do I make a mega drill systainer or make a drawer for the 12v drills? Stuff like that. Have a few more things to get off my workbench, and the shop will be ready for anything. The other thing I would like to keep looking into is moving at least the monitor to be near the miter saw. Or somewhere else where it can be easier seen. It’s too far away to really be of use, which is why it is almost never on. The other thing I could try is putting a door on part of the upper systainer area cabinet. The top of the lower cabinet is actually a perfect keyboard height. I’m keeping my options open though.

When I used my planer the other week, I declined to unhook the hose to the vac. The blower does a fine enough job. More than fine enough, because the lid on the separator came loose and showered my drill press and bandsaw with shavings. So, I have that to clean up.

Next week at work is short, and I already know there is an absolute ton of stuff to make up. This means I will either get zero time in the shop, or I’ll have to take some mental breaks to keep myself from burning out coming back from vacation. I may write an entry or two to keep myself sane. Meaning, it might be a wish list or a similarly dream-based entry or two. You’ve been warned.

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