Bench Shavings – 11/27/16

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I did a little online shopping, had some good dinners and did some relaxing. It’s back to work tomorrow on a regular schedule again, but I got a little bit of shop time Saturday and Sunday. I also have a pretty full plate of projects coming up.

I have dithered on tackling the last corner of the shop for a bit, but decided that needed to become a priority. The goal is to move the jointer to be planar with the rest of the counter, which meant that I had to do some minor shuffling of the things around it – old hardware cabinet, air compressor, and the oscillating spindle sander and the cart it was sitting on.

The first thing I had to do was move the hose reel for the compressor, because due to the length of the feed hose, it was already stretched to the absolute limit. If the compressor moved, so would the reel. It wasn’t working well where it was anyway, as it was hard to get to. I had to try a couple different things getting it mounted and moved, but eventually Sunday I came up with a solution. It moved one ceiling joist over, and a bit more toward the wall. With it over, I could run the feed hose down the back wall and it not be in the way. The compressor is now oriented along the back wall, and the wheels are raised up. This allows the lower side to be the drain side, which should help with longevity. This is also the side where the power switch is, so no problems there.

With the air compressor moved, the jointer was moved to where I want it to be. When I find a place for the old hardware cabinet or finally cut the cord with that, I’ll test to make sure the jointer can easily come out for use. I’m not sure what will go under the other side of the jointer, but something I just picked up might work (explained later).

As I just said, I need to finally cut the cord on this old hardware cabinet, and that might happen this week. I just have to make sure I’m not making a mess elsewhere with these bins. There’s also a tile saw and 6″ grinder that will need homes as well. On a temporary basis, the cart I was using for the sander now has all the scrap under my MFT on top of it now and the whole thing shoved under that work surface. Not fantastic, but a solution for the moment. Will at least allow me to cull it down without it being in the way. The sander is for now sitting between the compressor and the MFT, nicely out of the way.

With all this, I’m trying to make the right side table for the miter saw. It’s much harder to do when you can’t just make cabinets at the exact right height. I thought I had one support nailed at the right height, but it appears to be about an inch low. I’m not really sure how that happens. I think I might need a second or third set of hands to get this dialed in, which is why I left it in an incomplete state for now. It won’t be able to hold a lot, but it needs to hold enough to support any wood laid on it.

I bought a few things over Black Friday week, but not a whole lot for the shop. I did buy a new heater, an oil-filled unit that should be a bit safer for use with dust. Just have to be careful not to touch it or put melt-able things near it. That is what would work well under the jointer. The other thing I bought was a cheap Amazon Fire tablet for use out there, but I think I’m going to return it. I meant for it to be used with my Google Music subscription and a bluetooth speaker, but I have some lingering wifi issues and need to address those instead. The Chromebox I have with the monitor would do this fine if I could stream adequately. I was thinking a touch interface might be easier, but I still have that old Touchpad if I really wanted to do that. It was only about $35, but that would be some of the way toward a new router.

So, upcoming projects. I have a few things on my list, some mine, some other’s. There is a headphone stand/holder I’d like to make, which could be as simple as a painted piece of MDF with some hanging hinges on. There is my son’s table he wants, a glassware holder, and a cabinet for a laundry room. These probably won’t be done before Christmas, not all of them. I need to make an effort, though. I’m hoping my shop is good to go again before the end of the month and I can get rolling.

As much as I can, I’ll be documenting these projects on here and Instagram.

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