Bench Shavings – 1/14/17

Another wonderful day in the shop. In contrast to last weekend, when it was about 20°F in the shop, today it was around 70°F. Welcome South, Brother.

So first off the bat, welcome to the redesign of the site. I figured a new year, a fresh start. Going to see how I like it across the different devices I use, but so far so good. Let me know what you think.  I think the larger featured image will be nice, I’ll have to come through and take more pictures overall. Perhaps with a better camera as well.

So, for the afternoon in the shop. I continued with the plan to steadily improve the place, both by cleaning and doing some mild organizing. The goal is to start on the side table soon, perhaps in the next couple weekends. I still don’t have a final design, so I need to work on that at the same time. For today though, it was all about cutting down some more of the worst quality plywood and getting it bagged up. I probably got about a full sheet’s worth of ply (obviously not still one piece) cut up and in bags, ready to sneak out into the trash pickup.

I also temporarily put up the little wall cabinet over by the bandsaw. After getting it up there, I’m almost positive it won’t stay long term. It juts out a bit too much in relation to both the bandsaw and the lathe, the latter being the much bigger issue in operation. I’ll leave it up for a few weeks while I figure out where that last systainer will go, plus the lung protection. I also secured the power strip right below it so it stops partially hanging off the wall.

I also moved the big grinder into the router table for the time being, until it too can find a permanent home. If I can arrange a strong enough shelf where that cabinet went, perhaps there. It needs to be removable because the Wolverine jig sticks out too far out the back.

I also made a nice storage solution for my MFT clamps. Normally assigned to a shelf somewhere, I drilled 7/8″ holes for the clamps to sit in, and 1/8″ holes for the knobs to thread into. I’ll go back and make a better version with 20mm holes at a later date with a bit more room for expansion. I cut a couple strips at a 10° angle at the miter saw to keep things from falling out.

It was a good day in the shop and on the site, and I’m hoping to have another one tomorrow.

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