Bench Shavings – 11/5/17

It’s been a very light week for shop activity, at least during the week. Halloween, work, family activities has precluded getting out there most days. I was able to finally address water coming in through the door by using some of the Zip system tape at the Z channel. We got a massive downpour Saturday afternoon and I didn’t see a drop of water in any of the previous problem areas.

Some I think came in through the very minor roof leak, and if I can get up there and pinpoint where it is coming in I will try to in the next week or so. I did solicit a roof estimate, but haven’t heard anything back. There is a reason for the delay, so it’s no big deal. I still don’t have a good idea of exactly how much it will be though. I’m hoping under $1000.

In a previous post I did mention the want to upgrade a few of my power tools. I think I’ve decided on the Laguna 1412 bandsaw. I looked at the 1412 and 14BX side by side at Rockler on Saturday, and did finally realize that the BX was 220v and not an option anyway. Other than that, the two saws are extremely similar except for a second dust port at the bottom. They are extremely nice saws, and I think I will just put that bit of money I was going to spend on a mobile base for the HF toward the Laguna. Only about $1050 to go then.

I don’t have a good idea about a jointer yet. In all honesty, what I could get probably isn’t much better than what I have outside of a better stand and dust collection. I should see about what I can do for both, it would save me some cash. Quite a lot, in fact. I want to replace my miter saw, but there again I need to verify that I would be gaining something from getting a new one. I think I want the Bosch glide, Makita new slider, or the Kapex. Quite a range in price there, in fact I could almost buy the 1412 for the difference between the Kapex and Makita. I need to be patient, though. The roof could cost a lot, and is way more important.

Status update for the shop: the exterior wall panels, roof, trim, attic insulation, ceiling, and attic ladder are left to go. I used the last of my leftover R-13 batts from the walls in the attic on Saturday, and it filled four spots on one side. The rolls are next, and I’ll use as much as I need to. Once the roof is done, I’ll get the end panels in as well. I am taking a calculated risk not putting an air gap in the rafters, I might add. We still may move in a year or two, so I’m just looking to keep things warm for that amount of time. The insulation will be left exposed, so it would be easy to take out and check for moisture. If I see any after this winter I’ll re-do. I wouldn’t insulate the attic at all if I wasn’t concerned about the compressor and extractor getting too cold to operate at times – the compressor was really hard to get going at the coldest this past winter in the old shop. I have a ton of R-19 insulation batts that I need to dispose of.

One project I did get to tackle in the shop this week is putting some hinge mortises on a closet door. This was the thing that got me started in woodworking, and it’s funny, but this was the next door on the list seven years later. Maybe more than anything else I’ve done thus far in the new shop, this showed me just what an improvement this is. I wouldn’t have done this in the old shop. I would have brought the router inside and cleaned up afterward. The issue would be that I didn’t have an easy way to secure the door vertically. To use the workbench, I would have had to move the router table and I still may have not had the room due to the bandsaw and MFT. In the new shop, this was not an issue at all. Right in the shop and on the side of the workbench and secured within seconds. It was almost surreal. I got the mortises routed out with the Ryobi cordless with ease. I do need a vacuum attachment for my next trim router though. I was in and out of the shop in minutes, even with a tiny bit of cleanup with the chisel. Job done, no fuss.

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