Bench Shavings – 12/20/16

It’s Winter (nearly), and in the past that would really limit my time in the shop and I’d be pining for Spring to start rolling in. No more, thanks to my radiant oil heater.

I will do a review of it at some point, but I was so afraid to do a radiant setup for so long. I guess I was afraid of a fire risk, but in reality I think my forced air heaters are a much bigger danger in a dusty setting. I sacrificed a small bit of floor space to give it a home, and it has worked wonderfully. It isn’t perfect, and I have yet to try keeping it on overnight, but it’s made working in the shop much more pleasant. The other afternoon it was in the mid-30s outside, but in the shop it had warmed up to a pleasant 58°F and it was silent, and never tripped the breaker. You do have to plan ahead a bit, as you don’t really start seeing results for at least a half-hour, but other than that it’s fine. I’ll go over what I would like to see improved upon in my review thread.

I experimented with moving the computer monitor last week, and it didn’t work out how I wanted to. I ended up moving the monitor to where I imagined it a few weeks ago, high above the counter next to the miter saw. Am I worried about dust from the saw? Yeah. However, I’ll probably add some sort of hood for the saw and mitigate that. The monitor really is in a good spot now with the height of the counter being great for the keyboard and mouse. I’ll just have to be careful with the dust or I’ll have to replace the monitor every so often. The computer is in the shelves and fairly safe from dust accumulation.


I have quite a bit of plywood to scrap after Christmas. I emptied the old hardware cabinet and for now put the contents in my router table where the systainers were. I’ll figure something out down the road. I need to build a drawer for our kitchen, to store either pans or trays, and I’ll do that with what I have on hand. After that, pretty much everything else is going to go.

I’ve got a Christmas project I’m working on, a small one. I’ll have details on it in a week or so, but if you follow me on social I’ve posted a few pictures already. I’ve pretty much quit Facebook though, so nothing there.


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