Bench Shavings – 1/7/17

Snow, again. Not as much as was predicted (and this has become an annoying staple of winter forecasting here), but some, and some frigid temps. It is below freezing outside, but I’m fairly comfortable out here with both heaters going and just under 50F in the shop currently.

I am getting a bit less time out here than I expected, so not a lot is getting done. Hard to anyway, when most of what I need to do is to cut up plywood and dispose. That’s an in-and-out process, and I’m not sacrificing my hard-earned heat to do it. I’ll work on it next week.

So, instead I’m going to use this space to catalog what I’m looking at, and what needs to be done. I just put the thermostat back up on the wall, this time near the door under the TV for easy viewing. Not a very productive day, but this list will get the next time out on a better start.

Obviously cutting and tossing plywood is a priority. At this point, there isn’t a lot I’m planning on keeping. I’ll keep enough pieces to make a few drawers for the kitchen, and I have rough sizes on those already. I may try to mount the light storage unit on the wall next to the bandsaw, but I’m anticipating that will eventually be destroyed as well. Once off the ground, and the plywood dealt with, I’ll be in absolutely great shape overall.

As for smaller tasks, there’s three problem areas I’m going to address before I get started on the side table project. The first task is to finish up putting stuff away on the big counter. I’ve been picking away at it, and there is only a few things left. MFT clamps, some screws…a few minute task if I have a place for those clamps. The next area is the MFT itself, which the only real issue is the big grinder sitting on top of temporarily. I find a place for that, the rest is very minor – a glue applicator, a couple of clamps, a measuring tool. Very quick process there.

The big task is the workbench, like usual. It’s the biggest uninterrupted surface in the shop, so it always gets stuff left on. There’s a couple big plywood pieces, my old dust separator bucket, spring clamps (which need a storage solution), drill bits, and just a bunch of small stuff in general. There’s also a bunch of stuff just below the surface on the storage drawers, so all of that really needs to be addressed.

What I think I might do over the next week or so is to put a quota on about 10-15 things each day that need to find a home before I leave. A process done like that over time is done before anyone knows it. I’ll start today with putting all the screws away on the counter, plus a few other things.

I hope your Saturday is a bit more productive to mine, but even just some time out here figuring things out is sometimes enough. This evening when things get really cold, I’ll be inside giving some attention to future plans with those Sketchup files in the Present and Future Tense series. No, haven’t forgotten about that at all.

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