Bench Shavings – 1/8/17

A little cleaning a day keeps the junk at bay.

I started this day knowing I wouldn’t be appearing in my shop. It started out around 11F, and wasn’t going to get above freezing. So naturally, I made it out there. It was about 21F when I came inside, and where I’d normally leave and let the heaters do work, I stayed and turned on the Steelers game. It took 37 minutes to rise 10 degrees, and about an hour and fifteen to rise 20 degrees. This really isn’t bad for a shop as poorly insulated as mine, with no permanent heating or cooling source. By the time I was done, it was in the mid 40s, and I was fairly comfortable. Of course, I was wearing four shirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks and my feet were still a bit cold. But, I made it work.

So, while I was enjoying my Steelers advance to the next round of the playoffs, I followed through on my promise of the other day by continuing to clean and get things organized. Breaking down sheet goods was less of an option than it even was on Saturday, so I went with just finding homes for things. I got the counter cleaned up to where the only thing left on it were my drills, remotes, heater and a keyboard. The counter is clean enough so that I can bring out any of the hardware containers, and did just that to put away a bunch of screws that were hanging out in different places.

That was a fairly easy task, so it was on to the workbench. I took off the two long pieces of plywood, and set them near the door for disposal. I took off all the spring clamps and put them on my router table, while I try and figure out what I’m going to do. In reality I just need a piece of ply sticking out of a wall, but still ideas are going to be looked at. Otherwise I took the drill bit container, sorted out all the loose bits, and mounted it on the wall near the drill press. There is a perfect little area under the parallel clamps and above the F-clamps.

I slightly redid the wall next to the door, making room for the screwdriver holder. I moved the fire extinguisher and thermometer to accommodate.

I ended the day with the workbench not completely clear, but big strides made to getting it ready for work. I have some room on the wall to put a few more flat-ish things, so there’s more opportunity for storage work. I’m one more session like this, plus one really good plywood cutting session away from having the shop be ready for the next project.

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