Bench shavings – 2/15/16

The last post started to get extremely long-winded, and I probably didn’t end it like I wanted to. Such is the prospect of writing things over different sessions. Also, I forgot to add the picture, and it is now in the post.

So, one improvement I’ve been thinking of recently is making an MFT Sysport. The space under the MFT currently holds the CT Midi, a tub full of drawer slides and other non-essential spare parts, and a couple pieces of plywood cutoffs. Oh, and the drill systainer and the safety gear systainer as well. A bunch of pretty wasted space, if I say so.

I haven’t seriously considered it to this point because of how small the space is. However, I’ve taken the MFT down exactly once since I bought it. Except for occasions of moving the shop around, it isn’t needed. With a potential need for more storage space, it is now a consideration. If I needed to move it out of the shop, it would fit through the door, and hopefully a sheet of ply on the ramp would support it temporarily. The other, simple option would be to make something that just slots under the MFT, probably on casters. The goal out of this would be storage for four systainers or so, storage for the Midi (or an upgrade down the line) that raises it up as much as possible while retaining access to the controls and port, and some misc storage drawers.

Even though this weekend appears ideal to get some projects started on, the outlook is doubtful. I have a decent amount of school work I have to turn in by Sunday. Even a few hours in the shop would jeopardize that. If I can multitask between work and school early in the week, we’ll see. It’s just dragging me down. 60°, sunny, no commitments…and I’m stuck at a computer, most likely. It’s not doing anything for my health, either. There just never seems to be enough time to get up from this desk.

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