Bench shavings – 2/16/16

Yet another short entry here. Temperatures have stabilized above freezing, perhaps for quite a long while, so tomorrow I’ll take the batteries and Bosch drivers back out to the shop. Plus the turning finish and glue. Soon the hot weather will return as well.

I’ve been wanting to go back to how I had things before with the miter saw – on a stand with storage and support  and repeatable cuts. I have been looking at a few different ways of accomplishing this, and I’m close to a decision.

I also mentioned how I wanted to use non-Festools with my CT without modifying the tools, and I’m close to a solution on that as well. It probably won’t be particularly ingenious. Extension cord, multitap, that sort of thing. Still sorting out the details.

School update – I have an essay and a project due this week on top of the usual homework and tests, so the router table looks in doubt. However, I have already gotten a bit done on the project, and the essay should be fairly easy, all things considered. If I can get some substantial progress done on it Wednesday, there might be hope.

16×28 shop layout is finally done, I’ll be posting that render and the last part of the Desk Jockey series soon. Can’t let it interfere with the essay, though.

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