Bench Shavings – 2/17/17

It’s been a little while since I wrote, well at least publicly. I have a couple of posts lined up in the pipeline, one is dependent on pictures from the stage project I did. The other just needs to be fleshed out a little more in my head, and it’s one that is very self-reflective.

But regardless of that, what is going on in the shop right now? Well, next time I get out there it will involve a lot of cleaning. There is a massive amount of sawdust in the shop from the last project, and although I cleaned up after I thought I was done, a couple of revisions have thrown it into chaos again.

The neighbor next door has built himself a shed over the last couple of weeks, and it has renewed my interest in getting a new one done for myself. The more I think about it, the more a two shop solution within the confines of local ordinances seems more appealing. Scrap storage, lathe, and yard equipment in one, full-blown shop in the new one. Naturally, I’d aim to tear down and replace the current one at some point after, but as long as it didn’t leak I wouldn’t care too much. It might even be worth looking at fixing it up a bit to forestall that. If the neighbor can do it, I can too.

Weather lately has been up and down, which isn’t that unusual for a Georgia winter. Just when you think warm weather is on a good run, a cold snap for about a day comes through. There is some cleanup outside that I need to do both related to the shop and not. I need to fix my push lawnmower so it can help trim down some unruly brush, or rent one of those lawn hogs you see advertised on TV.

The last few weeks I’ve been on a self-reflection path, looking at ways to improve things. Or just change things. I made some tech changes, there is some household improvements to make that involve organization, and the same can be said for outside the house. I’d like to write a bit more on tech and that side of things, and I’ll be writing a bit more on the other side of the site.

I do hope some of you will check out the tech and lifestyle side of the site, as I often feel like I’m able to write a bit more confidently and with less fluff sometimes with those topics. I’m hoping to start publishing three-four articles a week combined.


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