Bench shavings – 2/22/16

Yes, the long-awaited router table base replacement has begun. Finally. I bought two sheets of ply so that all the panels could be made from the same kind. It should make it look nicer. I did unfortunately mess up a bit on a very prominent panel. Damn.

Building the table thus far has been extremely satisfying. The shop is clean, I’m not really falling over anything (yet), and I’ve been enjoying some quality cricket programming while I work. Good stuff. 60° interior temps have made things nice as well. Working slowly has made things so much better. I have no time frame at all for getting things done, and I can’t be happier.

I came up with a potential solution for the planer and miter saw, and on the surface it seems pretty simple. The height of the planer cart, with the planer upside down, isn’t much higher than the miter saw is now. It stands to reason that I could mount the miter saw on the wall about three inches higher, and slide the planer cart underneath. That would leave the planer at the same ergonomic height it is now. It means finding a new home for the sander, and turning the planer over on the cart will be difficult. It’s worth a try, though. If that fails, I build a new cart with the planer the right side up but lower. The miter saw will gain an extension on the left side that will sit above the jointer. This will give me a small space to set stuff, including the HCM. Maybe.

Also on the agenda after the router table build is settling out a power/suction transfer box for the CT Midi. Something I can easily plug in a tool that doesn’t have the letters Fes- in front of it, and hook it up easily to dust extraction. Peter Parfitt of the New Brit Workshop did one, and I may see about copying to some extent what he did.

Can’t think of anything else right now. Shop is what it is, but it was a good experience this weekend. There won’t be any woodworking this Saturday due to other engagements, so if the router table can be done before then, it would be nice. But not required.

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