Bench shavings – 2/23/16

Not out to the shop yet today, and I’m not completely sure I’ll have time. I watched a few videos today and came up with a couple more tweaks for the shop that I might attempt after the router table is done.

I’ve long had a thought that having the drill press inset into a counter would be a good idea, but after seeing it done on a couple of shops (including David Stanton), I’m convinced it’s a good idea. If there’s room, there is. I also think that if I can find some room on the counter behind the fence for the miter saw, it would be damn good storage material. We’ll see.

I talked about hooking up a selector to the CT Midi, and now I’m also thinking about an iVac hooked up to the big dust-making tools: table saw, drill press, jointer, etc. Once the router table is done I’ll see if I can hook big tools up on smaller strips to plug into the iVac socket. Perhaps I’ll need two, who knows. Just a consideration, it would be fantastic for the miter saw at least. I tend to absent-mindedly start using it without running a hose or vac.

I’ve gotten a good bit of actual work done so that the rest of the week I might can take an hour or so each day to work more on the router table build. I do have a major midterm that runs from Wednesday to Thursday, about three hours worth. A bit nervous about that – not about the grade, but I really need to know this material. Then next week or the one after that I have to head into work for a morning or so and compile charts to take with me to teach a class. There will absolutely not be any woodworking that day.

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