Bench shavings – 2/27/16

I briefly investigated an idea I had for potentially adding a dust extractor to my setup, and unfortunately it was a failure. I was thinking about an idea I had previously, and just like before it turned out not to be feasible. The idea was that I’d roll the right side of my table saw (whichever it was) under the miter saw. It’s a great idea to gain a bit more space, but ultimately takes a storage spot away from something else. Further, because of the length of the workbench I can only move it to one or two other spots in the shop. That, and that damn lathe. So for the time being, the layout stays the same.

I used the rest of a gift card to grab another 36″ light for the shop. I noticed my MFT wasn’t getting quite enough light for my liking. This light is actually right at the lumber rack, and I added the other short light I had on the end of that, then moved one of the other lights in the sequence. I again have two runs of lights, one five long and one two long (this one down the middle). I’m hoping soon though it will all go back to one run, in a U-formation around the outer 1/3 of the shop. I don’t need a ton of light over the table saw, but I do need more over the lathe and bandsaw.

I had the idea to do this post this morning, but I didn’t start it until this evening and can’t remember what else I wanted to talk about. Oh, I’m pretty sure I’m getting the 36-725, it’s just a matter of when. The sooner I can get the shop back in order the sooner I can consider timing.

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