Bench shavings – 2/8/16

Not much happening in the shop, particularly over the weekend. Another really cold spell coming up, so I’ll be at least bringing the batteries back in. The finish cabinet may just have to suffer through. When you think about it though, the finishes should be good a bit below freezing, at least anything that is alcohol or oil-based. The glue however will come in, and I purposely don’t keep a lot out there. It turns out I don’t have any water-based product except for turner’s finish, which was already inside.

Speaking of batteries, I think I may put my two single Ryobi battery chargers in storage. With the supercharger 6-port unit, only one charges at a time. However, with the addition of the Bosch drivers, I’m going to have much less need to charge multiple at the same time. The radio and fans will still use them, but if need be I can do almost anything I’d need to with the Bosch. That will save two spots on my power strip, and I’ll plug the Bosch one in. Net one plug spot, score.

I spent some time in the shop on Saturday pondering a final answer to storing/using the miter saw. I’m of two minds: put it over the planer or sander, or put it over the jointer. The first is easier, mostly because of the span involved. It’s on a similar span right now via the cart. A much wider span would be necessary to clear the entire wingspan, or even just the fence. I don’t have an idea of what to do, and Google isn’t much help.

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