Bench shavings – 3/11/16

Why do things take longer than we anticipate? With the drawer parts done, it should have taken no time at all to assemble them and fit them in the drawer cabinet. But it did, about a couple hours. This should have been a thirty minute job, but it took four times that. No setbacks that I can remember, and I’m not including the time it took for the glue to set up. Sometimes things go like that for me, I can’t explain it.

Anyway, the drawer boxes are done and it’s about time to load up what I need. But first, I’ll be raising the router table up a touch to better match the table saw. I have a bit of room on the carriage bolts remaining, I think 1/4″ will be all that fits, but I could really go higher by 1/2″. The table saw is really tall, taller than I imagined. It’s a good working height, though. The new, longer cord for the router table is just what I needed. I’ll have to go back and secure the cord in the router compartment so it doesn’t interfere with the router.

A word about dust collection over the past few days – help. It needs help. The dust collection of the table saw isn’t too special, with a good bit coming back up through the ZCI and on the floor underneath. I think I will have to remove the dust port and close up the back and bottom and go with dust collection from below. That is, if and/or when I come up with space for a true dust collector. The router table could use some help, and that would be in the form of the Incra Cleansweep rings. It sucks dust from below the plate with holes/slots in the insert ring. This would be extremely helpful for dados like I did yesterday. The fence suction works really well, but if the fence isn’t near it doesn’t do anything. That will probably be my next big upgrade, to replace the table and table insert. I’ll also gain a T-track/miter track combo in the upgrade, so that’s even better.

The miter saw is the biggest unknown. I don’t have any dust collection on it right now, mainly because I haven’t yet figured out exactly what to do. Not a lot seems to actually get an appreciable amount. I might continue with just hooking up as needed with the Festool hose, but an automatic solution is really what I need.

I think I’ll be taking pictures of the table saw today and trying to list it. It’s just in the way right now, and the money from it would completely pay off the new saw. It will be paid off next week regardless, but additional funds back in the coffers would be helpful. I’d give it to family, but I don’t think there’s a want there.

It’s about time to head out there. It got hot for the first time yesterday. Temps were only about 80°, but it was about 80° in the shop as well. Air conditioning would waste a lot of energy, but it might need to be considered seriously. I’ll get out there before it gets too hot, so at least if I’m out there awhile I’ll gradually get used to it.

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