Bench shavings – 3/1/16

Not a very successful day.

I started out this morning with a plan: put my miter saw up on the wall (finally) and make a table/wing for the infeed/left side of the saw. I went to Lowe’s and grabbed three 2x4s for the undertaking. I figured I would need about 3″ more clearance from the wall than if the cart was pushed all the way up against it. Sistered 2x4s would give me that space. The plan was to cut the cart roughly in half on an angle, and use the top part to mount the miter saw to the wall.

I selected a height a bit higher than it was now, and screwed a pair of boards to the wall about 12″ apart, making sure I was getting some solid stud penetration. I then attached another set to the part I cut off the cart at the same distance. I should say I used the track saw to cut what I wanted to off the cart and it worked beautifully. I then mated up the 2x4s and tested it a bit for strength. I don’t think it would support me, but it should support 100 pounds combined of saw and a board OK. I wouldn’t live under it, but it should be okay. Particularly if the board is also resting on the support wing.

Here is where I ran into issues: the saw was still hitting the wall. Not at 90°, where I measured, but about 15-20° right. There is the tiniest bit of plastic on the rail housing that sticks out and it was rubbing that. So, I moved it forward on the platform about an inch. Unfortunately, it also hits the top portion of the chaos wall before it can get to 45° left. This means I have to either shift the entire thing over an inch, or cut out a hole in the chaos wall. Neither is very appealing. I’ll decide on that later.

I then went to take the sander off the flip cart. The idea, at least for the time being, was to store it with the planer upside down under the miter saw. I’d figure out what the long term plans were later. I took the sander off, and realized that I wouldn’t be able to remove the carriage bolts that held the sander without first removing the planer. And of course the bolts were too tall to fit under the stand. So it looks like the chaos wall will be saved, since I have to move the dang thing anyway. I may decide to also do a french cleat on the outer 2×4 to spread the weight out from being directly on the screws. If I find it sitting on the floor tomorrow, I’ll know I made a mistake not doing that in the first place.

The cut off piece of the cart I was just going to demolish, but perhaps if I square up the cut sides, add a top to it, I can use it for either the sander or planer. I’ll see just how tall it gets the planer, because I’d hate to have to use it too low.

I’m glad I didn’t get real ambitious today: I had planned on picking up a sheet of 1/2″ ply and making drawers for the router table. I have two 22″ drawer slides on hand, which should take care of most of my immediate storage needs. A trip to will get the rest, plus the undermounts I need for the systainer drawer. I may begin working on the door, since I have the hinges for that already.

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