Bench shavings – 3/12/16

Today was a bunch of random things. I moved stuff around, made a mess (that I couldn’t clean up), and made a decision.

I slightly moved some stuff around as a trial. I had a thick, 3/4″ plywood all-round drawer/something that was holding all my Ikea drawer pulls. I decided to mount it above the miter saw and hold my can liners and disinfecting wipes. It was just too hard to get to in the big cabinet. It’s part of my effort to completely rid myself of the big cabinet at some point, because it limits what I can do for that corner. The drill press is in an odd spot right now, and I’d like some freedom to experiment with the lathe, drill press and bandsaw a little bit.

I put in a T-track for the miter saw, and a tape measure. I used the OF1400 to rout the channel for the Rockler T-track, and then put some right to left tape down to get an accurate measurement. The Rockler flip stop can be used two ways, and gives me an accurate length. I also left room toward the end to take it out. It doesn’t run all the way to the wall, but then again I don’t really think it needs to. I used the depth stop on the router to get an accurate depth, but it was still too deep by just a touch. I didn’t really get why.

I pulled the tool chest from the lathe stand so I could have better access, but now I have the issue of it not really fitting anywhere. Although, since I lowered the miter saw bench, I can’t store the Centipede there. I also sharpened up the HCM chisels, and tested them out – not near as much rounding of the hole. Taking off the burr on the outside really helps. I can’t seem to keep the workbench clear, there is always something on it. Now I have the old drawers in several places, either looking for re-purposing or disposal. The laptop got moved to the miter saw bench at least, and I’m looking to mount it to the wall somewhere. Flip it around with the tablet mode only, and use a BT keyboard and mouse.

I broke my broom yesterday evening. I was attempting to get the piece of pine out of the old saw rail that I used to help brace the rail extensions. I apparently wedged it in there pretty good, because when I used the broom handle to knock it out, it fused itself to the pine and now both are stuck. It was all I could do to just cut both as closely as I could to their respective ends. That went exceedingly well. Next time, I need to break out the steel rod, but there won’t be a next time.

After looking at the back of the shop the other day due to a bag blowing around, I once again saw the extent of the damage the shop had taken on. It was at that point I made the decision that a new shop had to happen, and I can’t wait on an opportunity to move. I have an idea to overcome the ground problem, and I’m going to test it out before I start posting details. I should be able to check my idea out sometime next week, if all goes well and the weather holds. I need a couple of supplies from the hardware store, and I suppose I can buy a new broom while I’m there. In the meantime, I just posted the last daydream shop build, and I’m done with daydreaming. It’s time to start legitimately planning, and from the very bottom.

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