Bench shavings – 3/2/16

Well, I did get back out to my shop yesterday for about fifteen minutes, and it was an extremely efficient fifteen minutes. I cut the old cart down to even sides, and made up a new back (the old one was 1/2″) and a new top and screwed it all together. It’s fairly short, but I’m thinking the planer would go on it. At least temporarily. I may eventually make a taller stand that will just fit under something so it is a bit higher.

I’m 99% sure the Delta 36-725 will enter the shop this spring. The other 1% is considering the Sawstop contractor model. At $1000 more, the Sawstop isn’t very tempting at this point. I’d love the safety feature (because my fingers pay the bills), but I think a grand is a bridge too far. $500? Sold. It’s not that I’m valuing my fingers at $500, either. I’m pretty safe with the saw, I almost always leave the guard on too. Extra insurance doesn’t hurt, though. I do think it will be the Delta unless some windfall comes along – and even then, it would go to other things first.

There was quite a lot of other things that went on today, much more than I ever thought would. So much that I’ll be posting about it as a project post.

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