Bench Shavings – 3/22/16

Been a busy few days, most of the time not in the shop. Not to say there wasn’t any shop time at all. I was able to put together, with my son, a simple target backstop for our BB rifle and pistol. Just a simple 3/4″ plywood box with some duct seal to help stop ricochets and the ability to hang a binder clip. I’ll post a picture of it at some point. The main thing is it provides a safe target for us to shoot at, and it gave my son and I something to work on together. That was the best part.

Otherwise, not much going on inside the shop. This is a busy week for me with work and school, so no projects on deck. I’ll be looking at some more little things to adjust in the shop, because if you read about the new workshop, it’s going to be the same size. Any tricks I can take care of right now will be easy to replicate in the new shop. My experiences with a few things have already shaped how I’m going to do things.

On a slight tangent, YouTube is a wasteland right now. Very few people are putting out quality videos, at least of the people I follow. Mostly product reviews (which they got for free) or on hiatus. It’s extremely annoying. I’m currently watching cricket highlights, John Oliver, or BB gun reviews. Or re-watching old material for the tenth time. Now, since I don’t produce content at all you could say I’m not helping. Hopefully I’ll have some sort of time lapse of the new shop build, and it will be in good enough shape where I could film once it’s built. I’ll have at least one shop tour inside the old shop as well, just as soon as I determine with what I want to film it with.

A reader gave me a great idea for a How I Work segment, and I’ll be working on that as soon as I shut this one down.

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