Bench shavings – 3/6/16

Been a busy couple of days in the shop, and to be perfectly honest I don’t remember every single thing I’ve done. Most of it has been to fine tune and get used to using the new saw. I made a zero clearance insert out of 1/2″ ply, and while it isn’t perfect, it is pretty good. It will work for now. With the hang of it, I’ll make a few out of 3/4″ ply, the same stuff I built the router table out of. That cleans up nice and is pretty stable and flat. The 1/2″ piece I use has a slight twist in it that doesn’t allow me to get it as level with the top towards the back as I’d like. No issues, but there could be.

I picked a scrap of 1 1/2″ thick soft maple to give it a grunt test, and it went through it like it wasn’t there. This was with the Irwin 24T rip blade installed, so I’m happy. I’ll have to do some purpleheart or hard maple to get a real test, but I don’t often work with super hard or dense wood. I’ve had to adjust a few things along the way, but it’s really just fine-tuning adjustments to get it working best. The back of the fence was riding on the table, which required raising the rear rail a touch. It was also toed in to the blade at the back, which was fixed with a couple turns of a nylon screw. There doesn’t seem to be any blade alignment issues at all. Upon further review though, dust collection is poor. The inside of the cabinet is nice and open which makes adjustments easy, but dust collection is worse than the old saw. That’s disappointing. It can be remedied, but we’ll have to see how annoyed I get with it.

There is three black bags full of styrofoam from the saw package, and I cut up the cardboard and that will soon go into the recycling as well. The styrofoam got everywhere, especially those little individual balls. It was like a Dippin Dots exploded in the shop.

Fixing the blade adjustment issue on the old saw was as easy as a few sprays of dry lube. No issues. So, the saw will be cleaned up this week and put on Craigslist. There’s no room to keep both for an extended period of time, and wheeling it outside is difficult due to the length of the other saw.

My plan of keeping the HCM on the new miter saw bench will probably end soon. It’s causing a bit of a dip in the plywood, because of where it is sitting. It will go on the floor under one of the jointer beds most likely. As long as I can still get the jointer out. The other piece of 3/4″ ply from the project will have to go and reinforce things, plus a strip of wood along the front to trim things out.

I used the new saw to trim up a couple of the big plywood panels I had from previous projects, ripping off unusual or odd parts like toe kicks. I think before I sell the old saw I will use it to cut up all the plywood I put outside for disposal.

I had an idea of building a 4×8 little shed to store my lathe and wood rack in, and I attempted to dig a test hole. Each drop of the shovel blade hit a new rock. I got five large rocks out of a 6″ deep hole. All that does is remind me I need to move if I want any sort of shop upgrade. Sigh.

This week I think will primarily involve cleaning up the disposal stack outside, and clearing my workbench.  If I can get that done, I’ll be in a mood to do an in-depth shop tour again. Perhaps I’ll even make an appearance in a video, or at least my voice will. I will also come closer to buying a sheet of 1/2″ for the drawers in the router table, and now I’ll be able to do rips on the table saw if I need to. I’ll be doing some calculations to see what the drawer dimensions will be and what the cut list is this week. I don’t know if there will be enough left over for drawer fronts.

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