Bench shavings – 3/9/16

Been busy for the first part of the week, so I haven’t had a chance to write. I did get out to the shop (area) for several hours on Monday night. The intent was to just measure the router table for drawers and such, but I ended up using the old saw to annihilate the plywood outside that needed to be disposed of. Took about 45 minutes, but it’s all bagged and tagged.

With it’s last (presumptive) task done, I used the air hose and cleaned it up a bit. I need to wipe it down as well, but basically it’s ready for sale. I should probably take some pics today and post an ad. I then got distracted inside the shop and did some minor modification to the workbench wall, moving the chisel racks around to make some more room. I’m hoping to make some headway on that tool cabinet by this fall.

I did take the measurements I needed for the router drawers as I was leaving the shop, and just now plugged it all into CutList. I can do one 3″ high (sides) drawer, three 5″ and one 6″ drawer with one sheet of plywood. Now all of those sides only equal up to 24″, so there’s going to be a bit of room between drawers to have taller things in. I’ll make it all look right by using taller drawer fronts when I get everything sorted out how I want. I don’t know that I need five drawers, seeing as they are extremely deep. Perhaps one could be used to store a systainer if needed. Who knows. There will be plenty of room for all the router accessories, that’s for sure.

Speaking of router accessories, I had the opportunity to stop by Rockler on the way home from work yesterday. I picked up a new 1/4″ shank top bearing trim bit for the OF1010. I’ll throw away the old one. While I was there I picked up four more Blum 110° hinge sets for a buck a piece. Sweet score, I may use all of them on the router table. One set for the router door, and I may put a door on the systainer area. Also, after using the router table to make a zero clearance for the table saw, a longer power cord is a necessity. I’ll be looking for suitable replacements when I head out for lunch. I may or may not grab the plywood as well, considering I only have two actual size slide sets on hand. We’ll see. It would make things very nice very quickly, but I don’t want to rent a truck or anything. Perhaps I can get Lowe’s or HD to cut my crosscuts and I’ll size it up right. Or I can take the cordless saw, as crappy as it is. How ambitious am I today?

Otherwise, the shop is in great shape right now. There’s a few more large panels that need to find a home, plus the rest of the packaging from the table saw needs to go in the recycling. Just minor bits and bobs to keep refining, putting things in better places, etc.

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