Bench Shavings – 6/05/17

Hey, how’s it going? Yeah, had some time in the shop over the last week or so. Not a ton, but enough to kind of kick start things back in that direction. I’ll have a project post going up very shortly, and it’s been a bucket-list item. Not a huge project, but one I’ve been wanting to do very badly. As soon as this posts I’ll start on that. All the pics are ready to go and everything.

So, I have some actual news concerning future shop plans. Wife and I have finally come to an agreement, and we will be looking to move in the next couple of years. We hope to find a house that is larger, will give each of the kids their own room (potentially), myself a dedicated office, and hopefully a shop that is connected to the house in one way or another. I won’t be too picky about it, as long as it is at least a little bit larger. What that means for this shop will depend on what it will take to repair the house to a sell-able state. We have to do the water heater, really should do windows, plus some repair tasks. Depending on if there is money left over will determine if I repair the exterior of the current shop or build one in it’s place.

What it does mean is that I’m basically in a holding pattern from here on out. The new shop layout for this size space still interests me, but I’m not likely to build dedicated storage or deviate from what I have now too much. I was thinking about a hybrid workbench to replace my bench, MFT, and router table, but that is now going to stay in the planning phase. I have no idea what a new shop would look like in terms of size, so I’m not going to either commit myself or spend too much time thinking about it. When we have a house and the keys are in our hands, only then will I even think about what a new shop will look like. What I have now should work just fine for a little while in a bigger space. I’m looking forward to the challenge of designing something new.

That said, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to sell the house for what we need to, so I’ll plan to be in this size shop for awhile longer. Be it this one or a replacement. I was able to get some stuff cleaned up and things more put away over the last two afternoons after my project was completed. I got the spindle sander up on the wall (precariously I think), and was able to push the saw and router table even further toward that wall and give more room going toward the door and between the RT and MFT. I got the workbench cleaned up, and aside from working more on scrap things are pretty nice in there right now. Aside from the flying carpenter ants. Nightmare fuel, I tell you. Will be looking forward to never seeing those again at some point.

The pic up top was meant to be a panorama, but for some reason didn’t work. So, coming up…the long-delayed Android Auto entry, the just-completed project, perhaps a follow-up post to the latter, and…I dunno. I really do need to get back to being consistent in my posts. I so do like to write.


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