Biding time

It has been weeks since I’ve been in the shop, and truthfully, it could be further weeks more. My schedule just can’t accommodate shop time right now, even though this is the best time of the year for it. Cooler weather beckons me, but unfortunately it is not to be.

That doesn’t mean that the urge to create doesn’t burn. Far from it, there are lots of projects I would like to do. Many things are potentially on my plate. I wish I could get them all done.

Christmas is going to be pretty light this year. I have a couple of doll beds and a couple of karate belt displays for the kids. Perhaps three of those, actually. Anything else is off the radar for right now, and truthfully I don’t really care to add anything.

I think I’ve gone over house projects, but it never hurts to recap. The master closet is due for a refit and upgrade. This is currently in the final planning process, going through various renders to get the right layout. Since it is a shared house project, I do need to gain approval for layout. This is taking a bit longer than planned, but that’s okay. There are some things I’m trying to figure out where they need to go, and I’ve changed my mind a couple of times.

In the initial planning stages is the bedroom makeover. We have items that have been cobbled together and don’t go together. I’m trying to find a style that I both like and think I could pull off. I would really like to go cherry, in a Craftsman, A&C or G&G style. I need to make a King bed, two dressers, side tables and perhaps a bookcase. The bookcase might not be done in the matching style, but as a built-in perhaps. I’m in most need of the bookcase or my dresser, so those would be first. A couple of lights would be a big help too.

In the play/family room, I need a new place for dress up clothes, a new bookcase, some storage for shoes and jackets (entry room style) and more permanent LEGO storage. In the dining room, I still need to trim out the low bookcase, and a long-term project is to redo the dining room table. Quick fixes have let me put that off for awhile – a couple of pocket screws helped stabilize the base. I would like to hide the litter box, so I was thinking about a kitchen cabinet base. Extreme long-term projects include the entertainment center/living room furniture and a new bookcase/display cabinet for the dining room.

I don’t know if I’ll have many project updates between now and the end of the year, but I will try. It all depends on time, and I’m trying not to continually talk about things that aren’t currently happening. I hope this week I will get the doll beds done, as these are pretty easy.

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