Birthday gifts

I received a couple of gift certificates to my new favorite woodworking store, along with some cash earmarked for tools for my recent birthday. With the cash, I used it to make an overarm dust collection system for my table saw. It needs some minor tweaking, but I am happy with the results. Mostly, the tweaking involves making the joints a bit more secure with tape, plus making the 90º transitions a bit more flexible, especially at the guard.

The gift certificates I was able to redeem yesterday. I chose to complete my Narex bench chisel collection, plus add another mortise chisel (the largest one), a corner chisel and a set of skew chisels. I plan on completing the mortise chisels in the next couple of months (there are six left, IIRC) and most of my hand tool collection will be done. I’ll add another saw or two, and hopefully a #6, #7 or #8 plane, but that’s about it. I can start concentrating on other things, like the twin screw vise and holdfasts for the bench, etc.

I have fantastic family that encourages me to continue with my hobby and the means to do so. Thank you.

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