Black Friday Bonanza

I don’t do Thanksgiving shopping. At least in person. If I buy anything that day, it is because I’m buying it online. I don’t like the retail worker bees having to work on a day for family, so I don’t do business with anyone who has a retail location open that day.

But as I said, online is a different story. Usually on Black Friday Jet has their 50% off clamps sale, and as was the case in previous years, i ordered a couple of 24″ clamps. Then I ordered another pair a bit later on after thinking about it, the 12″ size. The 24″ is my most used size, and I figure an extra set of the 12″ would be nice. I’m approaching a point where I can’t store many more, at least linearly along the wall.

I also bought the 35mm Festool hinge bit, at a staggering retail price. No sale here, however I did figure out that I was paying off the Incra Wonder Fence on a card that I didn’t use. As such, it was a bit of free money, so it was something I decided to go ahead and grab. I’ll be testing it out by making a fake door in the next few days.

That was it for me on the woodworking side. I bought quite a bit of games, and I should be set for pretty much all of 2016. I made pretty much my entire wish list for Christmas smaller woodworking stuff, so we’ll see what happens on that front.

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