Blast from the past

Workshop to do:

Make new saw blade racks (2)
Make planer caddy, throw away stand
Make auto cabinet (fluids, etc)
Make drill bit storage
Trash run
Move stuff under house
Sort through scrap
Finish drawers
Make cabinet doors
Finish/redo router table
Extend French cleat, hang rest of cordless tools
Finish walls
Buy BS riser and new blades
Make BS accessory/blade storage
Redo/rethink mower storage
Find place for belt
Disassemble old UTS
Redo ROS rack (add)
Redo some French cleat holders
Shelves for cabinet
Make dovetail box
Mount air hose reel
Vacuum/separator cart?

This is what my list for the shop looked like at 3:27pm on August 13, 2011. I used to make all sorts of these lists in the notes app on my phone, and it seems this is the most recent one. I think I’ve taken to using the blog as a substitute. In the absence of an abundance of content in these summer months, I thought it might be interesting to look back and see what my progress has been almost exactly 11 months later.

Make new saw blade racks (2)  Incomplete
Brought about due to the one rack I made was too deep. I’ve made one of these, but I could do to make the other one. Perhaps a project done sooner rather than later, as I’ve got the materials.

Make planer caddy, throw away stand Incomplete*
Not really sure what the planer was on when I thought of this. Made a cart, but it needs to be remade to properly fit the hardware containers.

Make auto cabinet (fluids, etc) Incomplete*
I haven’t attempted this, because I want to give other projects precedence. Not going to count this against me.

Make drill bit storage Incomplete
I’ve made a couple of things, but storage is still strewn about. Some stuff in a drawer, the rest in two separate spots on the wall. Could do to think about it again soon.

Trash run Complete
As best as I can figure. A bunch of stuff has left, with only minimal trash left. Addition of a large can has helped.

Move stuff under house Complete
With the exception of one bin of non-woodworking tools and my detailing supplies, everything I wanted moved out but not trashed is gone.

Finish drawers Complete*
Have to assume here that I meant for the old cabinets. I’ve made new cabinets with new drawers. Still need to redo one, and possibly make room for another small one, but I’m counting this.

Make cabinet doors Abandoned
The cabinet on the wall will probably be discarded or repurposed once the hand tool cabinet and tills are complete.

Finish/redo router table Incomplete
Haven’t attempted yet. Not a high priority at the moment, as the current one is fully functional.

Extend French cleat, hang rest of cordless tools Abandoned
Philosophy has somewhat changed. Hand tool storage has taken precedence over power tools. Will fit in new cleats where I can after cabs are done. Drawers also will play a part.

Finish walls Incomplete
Two panels on the left side, the window panel and another on the right, and the entrance left to go. Window will be tricky, but the heat, clutter and ants make me want to wait until the weather turns. Cost isn’t a factor.

Buy BS riser and new blades Complete*
Powermatic riser and blade bought at the March woodworking show, new blade bought recently to replace that. Still want a resaw blade.

Make BS accessory/blade storage

Redo/rethink mower storage

Find place for belt Incomplete
My work belt. It’s in a decent spot behind the bandsaw right now but I need to find it a better spot still.

Disassemble old UTS Complete
Done shortly after I made that list. Still have some of the MDF to get rid of somehow.

Redo ROS rack (add) Incomplete
Kinda got put on the back burner. If I can make a half-drawer above my Ridgid sander, I may store the pads there.

Redo some French cleat holders In progress
I’ve redone or fixed a few, and am generally happy with how they all are. Waiting to see what kind of room I have before I continue.

Shelves for cabinet Abandoned
I assume this means the little wall cabinet I put up for detailing. Again, waiting to complete other projects before I reassess.

Make dovetail box Incomplete
Never got started on this.

Mount air hose reel Complete
Calling this one complete, but I’m not sold on it’s location. Might get moved once the other walls are done.

Vacuum/separator cart? Abandoned
Calling this one abandoned because I bought a larger vac and made a home for it under my saw. Will revisit later on perhaps.


I find it interesting how much my plans and priorities have changed since I made that list. I believe it was in late September or early October that I decided I needed a master plan for the shop and embarked on a few months-long journey to come up with one. I think I can spare a bit of time to see how the master plan is working out as well, now that I’m in a bit of a nostalgia mode.

How is your list coming?

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