Bookcase design criteria

As you may be able to tell, I have decided on a more traditional bookcase to store all of my games, movies and video game equipment. While I have not decided 100% on a style, I do have a few key dimensional requirements I have to meet for the piece to be functional.

The basic design of the unit is split – the top will probably be open or have some sort of glass doors and the bottom will have opaque doors to hide the video game stuff. The disc binders will be visible, and be of a high quality look. Other items will be visible like mementos or pictures. The powered docks and etc will go below.

Depending on the design, the shelves will be adjustable. One style I am thinking about may require the shelves to be fixed to keep the illusion. That is undetermined. The binders are about 11″ high, so there is a minimum. The biggest shelf on the bottom will be determined by the height of my largest driving wheel, which off the top of my head is probably about 15″ tall. I’ll need to have a singular hole in the back of the bottom section to pass the power cord through. Mounting the power strip behind the unit for a smaller hole would be great, but isn’t a requirement. The power plugs into the charging bases aren’t more than a couple of centimeters in diameter at the very most. The biggest hole would probably have to accommodate a micro-USB plug for the remote. However a hole to accommodate a standard wall plug would be best for future use. I think I may have slightly underestimated the amount of power sources I have anyway. Being able to charge any mobile device there might be a big boon.

I am leaning toward making the bookcase two separate parts. This would help moving it, and I could treat each part as a distinct build and take as much time on them as I need. This is a great idea for the confines of my shop as well.

I have taken inventory of my games, I need to do the same for my movies as well. I am trying to transition my DVDs to digital streaming from a local source, but the Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs are still a bit too space-intensive to do that at this time. Those will go in binders just like the games, aside from special collections. I need to take rough measurements of the three big wheels to make sure I won’t have to take up more than one shelf. Otherwise, I can either make or buy organizational items for the accessories. Most things for a system would fit in a photo box. One shelf or at least the majority of it would be for the charging docks.

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